Sunday Morning

Worship, God’s Word and Prayer We gather together at 10:00 AM to worship God.  We open up the Bible, God’s Word, to learn how to live as God intended us to - in a way that brings God the credit and honor.  We pray, asking God for wisdom in living life, help in the struggles we face and thanking Him for loving us.

Throughout the Week

In Community Groups, you get to know people through discussion and application of the Sunday Morning message.  You will be living a portion of life together through common shared times and doing service or mission projects together.  Community Groups meet throughout the valley at different times and locations.

Focus Ministries

At various times different groups of people serve others in our community, for example: the elderly, youth, homeless, disenfranchised.  Others may get together for topical studies that enrich life and relationships.


We want to make Jesus known throughout the Valley, Western Colorado and to the least reached people, so that others can experience and grow in His love and grace in a personal way.


Sunday Morning

    1. We meet at The Sanctuary, New Hope Church, 880 Castle Valley Blvd. (Next to City Market), New Castle, Colorado.

During the Week

    1. Community Groups meet around the Valley as we bring God’s hope and love to as many people as possible.


We are glad you decided to check us out!  Whether you are looking for Jesus, or already know Him, you are welcome to check us out, visit and be among us.

We mention Jesus, because He is the author of life and the resource for all of life’s questions.  Many of us already have a relationship with Him.  It is our desire to help everyone receive an opportunity to know Him and experience His love, acceptance and forgiveness.

We believe that God’s Word, the Bible, teaches Truth and helps us understand God’s love for us, His plan to redeem the people of the world, and to help us, the church, and others.  That includes you!

Please let us know how we can come alongside you in friendship, growth in Jesus, a pressing need or maybe just provide a listening ear.  We will do our best to get to know you, but we’d like to ask you to help us by being friendly too.

Please feel free to join us on Sundays, introduce yourself and enjoy your time with us.

The Elder Team